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Steel I-beam installation during the start of construction on the 11 story office building.

All Services, One Reliable Source

North Star is unique in the commercial construction industry.  We know how to listen, and to build on your needs and ideas. You’ll get a proposal that details what you’ll get, when you’ll get it, and how much it will cost – before the contract is signed. Then we’ll act as your advocate throughout the
entire project, delivering what we promise and making
sure you get what you want.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who will
attest to the success of this 5-step approach.


  •                    STUDY

    If you have a vision, we’ll share it.
    If you need one, we’ll bring it into focus.

    We begin by listening. We have no sales reps; you deal
    directly with the partners, designers, engineers and project
    managers who guide the process. We get to know your
    needs and objectives, and make them ours.

  •                    ESTIMATE

    What you will get are guarantees.
    What you won’t get are surprises.

    Our proposal covers everything that needs to be done,
    when it needs to be done to meet your schedule, and
    how much it will cost:

     Guaranteed Conceptual Price. We detail costs before
    the design is begun.

     Guaranteed Quality & Production Schedule.  This risk-free
    management guarantee details exactly how the project will be
    completed on time and on budget, while minimizing the financial
    risk and cash flow exposure of the owner and lender.

     The flexibility to choose the way you would like the
    contract structured.

  •                    EVALUATE

    The time to save money is during the planning.
    After the design stage, money can only be spent.

    With a grasp on your needs and objectives, our
    experienced professionals – each specializing in a
    different phase of the process – dive into the specifics.

  •                    DESIGN

    North Star’s designs are refreshing – crisp and detailed
    to communicate the concept, without being cluttered by
    minutiae. (If you want details, they’re in the manuals.)
    Talented in-house designers bring the concept to life. By staying
    in synch with our land development and construction specialists,
    our design team builds in the best value. No uncomfortable surprises,
    no need worry about disconnects that you might get from architects
    who have ideas of their own.

  •                    MANAGE

    North Star is the single-point guarantee
    that everyone involved is working FOR the customer.

    We manage the entire process with the owner’s best interests in
    mind, sourcing the best quality and value in subcontract services.
    The customer enjoys a seamless transition, single point accountability,
    and a customer-oriented team attitude shared by everyone involved.
    We are accessible for quick answers and quick action throughout the project.
    And beyond; we provide a full manual detailing all subcontracted services,
    and we back up the quality 100%.